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Annas (L) and McPeak (R)

Founded in 1994, Green Resource is one of the largest regional suppliers in the Southeast. Our organization offers professional turf fertilizer, chemicals, native and turfgrass seed, and erosion control products. Green Resource serves golf courses, lawn care operators, grounds maintenance companies, nurseries, retail lawn and garden centers, greenhouses, and prominent landscaping firms.

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Product Spotlight

Holganix <NEW PRODUCT!!!>

Holganix is a biological meta-catalyst, which conHolganix tains a proprietary plant based compost tea, peat based humates, mycorrhizae, tricaderma, yucca extract, meleleuca oil, and other key components.This product is a highly evolved formula, teeming with beneficial microbiological organisms that helps recreate a natural soil environment your plants, shrubs, and trees need to thrive.

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